Creating great user experience can only be done by using the right set of tools.

User Experience Design Toolbox

User Experience Design is about creating value for users, customers and your company. This can be created by using several tools in a structure process, which helps in finding the right solution. Since each project is different, the UX toolbox will also be filled with a different set of tools.

(User) Research

Workshopdag Studio.WHY Maarten Somers No Hitch

User Interviews

UX user interview

Contextual Inquiry


Affinity Mapping User Research PIDZ

Affinity Mapping

Creating structure and extracting categories from data.

Design Sprint PIDZ smartphone app

Insight Cards

Insight Cards are a great way of bundling user research results in a useful way.

Workshop Customer Journey - Rabobank VBF 2.0

Customer Journey Mapping

Get more insight in the journey of customers by creating a customer journey map with colleagues.

Storyboarding - Design Sprint Rabobank VBF 2.0


How Might We - Design Sprint Rabobank VBF 2.0

How Might We - Questions


Sketching PIDZ App Sharpie

Paper and Pencil

Best way of starting a design is sketching. Just rough and fast.

Google Design Sprint PIDZ smartphone app

Design Sprint

Using Google Design sprint to kick-start a project.

Flow Chart - PIDZ smartphone app

Flow Charts

Visualising the flow potential flow of an application.

Prototype, Test and Refine

Wireframe Sketches


Sketch file Wireframes PIDZ APP


One of the best ways of turning a pencil sketch into a more visual screen.

Design Sprint Invision Prototype PIDZ App


Creating awesome high-fidelity prototypes with InVision.

Prototyping Axure - Rabobank VBF 2.0

Axure RP

Creating extensive clickable prototypes with Axure RP.