Rabobank – A design concept for the Rabobank Lease application for business users, with a mobile first approach.

A new app concept for Rabobank business lease


Rabobank Business Lease app


Rabobank Zakelijk Financieren


Design Sprint


Interaction Design, Prototyping, Visual Design, Storyboarding
Rabobank has lots of different product, and as UX designer I got the opportunity to work on a new concept for the digital journey of the business lease product. This new concept was made with a mobile first approach en ensured that customers could request, view and change any kind of business lease product.

The hitch

The current web application of Rabobank ‘Zakelijk Lease’ wasn’t applicable anymore. The UI was quite old, not responsive and customers couldn’t perform much within the application. Therefore, they often needed an employee of Rabobank to change/update information or request for a new lease product. By this reason, Rabobank decided to start a redesign process.

Project approach

We first started with redesigning the current web application, but after a few iterations we found out that this would solve the stated problem. Therefore, we decided to focus on a completely new concept for the lease application. To find the core of the problem we started with a customer journey workshop. Moreover, we used improvisation theater to explore the given service by Rabobank. During this improvisation sessions we imitated the customer and an employee during a service request in several stages of the customer journey.

Afterwards, we held a design sprint to come up with new concepts. At the end of the sprint, we tested our InVision prototype made in combination with Sketch. This concept visualised an easy process of requesting a new lease and ask for permission by sending a personalised link to your business partner.

The end result

The results of the design sprint was an app within which business customers could handle all service requests, including signing the contract via e.g. their finger print. Moreover, they could ask for a sign of their business partners via a personalised link that could be send via WhatsApp.