Rabobank – Redesign of one of the most important web applications of the Rabobank, a financing portal for entrepreneurs who already have or want a loan.

Redesign of the web application of Rabobank business finance


Rabobank VBF 2.0


Rabobank Zakelijk Financieren


Redesign web application


Concept, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Visual Design
Rabobank Zakelijk Financieren (or business finance) consist of all (digital) products for business customers. In this case I was working on a redesign of the web application via which customers can apply for a new loan, also called VBF 2.0.

The hitch

The old application to request a loan was quite old, which resulted in lots of questions and even customers who came to a local office to finish the request together with a bank employee. This caused unnecessary costs and a bad user experience. Therefore, Rabobank wanted to start a redesign project to ensure that all their customers could finish the request themselves.

Step 1

User Research

To start this project, we had to find out what caused the horrible experience and pain points with the existing application. Therefore, we conducted in-depth interviews to find out what we could improve while making a redesign. All findings of the interviews were bundled in a deck of Insight Cards, so also other projects could easily use the findings.
Insight Cards - Rabobank VBF 2.0

Step 2

Customer Journey Workshop

After all information was collected we held a few customer journey workshops to have a good overview of the journey and their touch points. During these workshops we found out that lots of customers felt tension during the request. Moreover, Rabobank had added some process steps which weren’t useful anymore. Also, users had to finish the process in one try, while they also had to upload document which they may not had at that moment. All in all, the journeys showed us that the process could be improved in several ways.
Workshop Customer Journey - Rabobank VBF 2.0
Workshop Customer Journey - Rabobank VBF 2.0
Workshop Customer Journey - Rabobank VBF 2.0

Step 3

Design Sprint

To come up with new concepts, we held a design sprint for the new web application. We focussed on a smooth transition from the orientation phase tot the request phase, also when the user wasn’t a Rabobank customer yet. All (potential) customers should be able to get an indication of possible loans in advance of finishing the complete process.

During the sprint, we made two prototypes which we combined in the user test on Friday. The first prototype was focused on the orientation phase, while the second was focused on the actual loan request.

How Might We - Design Sprint Rabobank VBF 2.0
Sketching - Design Sprint Rabobank VBF 2.0
Storyboarding - Design Sprint Rabobank VBF 2.0

Step 4

Design Iterations

In the final stage of the redesign, I worked together with the product manager, visual designer, business analysts and service designers to turn the concept in a complete request process including a clickable prototype. My responsibility was the interaction design and building the prototypes. This was all done in Sketch and Axure.
Sketch File Rabobank VBF2.0 Redesign

Step 5

Test the prototype

After several design iterations, the Axure prototype was ready to be tested. Therefore, we invited three entrepreneurs to come over to the Rabobank UX lab in Utrecht. While following test scenarios, the participants provided us with nice insights. They, for example, liked our approach of being able to stop within the process whenever you want. Furthermore, we found some leaps in the flows and a few lines of copy which created some doubt. So, overall a great user test to further improve our designs.

The end result

The deliverables of this project were flows and screens for the development team so they could start building the product. Moreover, I provided the teams with a Axure clickable prototype so they could experience the product themselves.

After I delivered the designs, the development team started with the development and launched the new application in the summer of 2018.

Rabobank VBF 2.0 - Idee omschrijven
Rabobank VBF 2.0 - Investeringsdoelen-1
VBF2.0 drieluik