PIDZ – Creating a new smartphone app from scratch, for freelancers within the healthcare industry.

Design of the new PIDZ smartphone app


PIDZ Smartphone app


PIDZ – Met Zorg Verbonden


Redesign Smartphone application


User Research, Concept, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Project Management
The new PIDZ smartphone app provides freelancers working via PIDZ a hand-on experience on all services of PIDZ. As projectlead I got the opportunity to completely shape this project and used design thinking as the core method. The project started with user research, followed by a Google Design sprint and subsequently several design iterations.

The hitch

During the start of this project, PIDZ already had an smartphone application. Unfortunately, this app didn’t meet the current standards anymore and several bugs occurred. To ensure a great user experience and a up-to-date technical implementation we, as development team, decided to completely start from scratch.

Besides the opportunity to start from scratch, we had the challenge to build an app that convinced PIDZ users of the app, since lots of users lost trust in the PIDZ app due to the above mentioned bugs.

Step 1

User Research

Since I earlier did user research for PIDZ, there was already a lot of valuable information within the company about pain points, (product) wishes and characteristics of the users of mijnPIDZ. However, this data was valuable, we had to do some in-dept research focussed on smartphone use of freelancers of PIDZ. Therefore I conducted interviews with 5 freelancer to complement the exiting data. The findings of these interviews were subsequently turned in to insight cards.

Insight Cards User Research PIDZ app
Insight Cards User Research PIDZ app

Step 2

Design Sprint

Subsequently, we needed to turn all this data into a working concept, so we started with a design sprint, facilitated by Zeewaardig Service Design. During this sprint, employees of PIDZ, Smiling Gents and Zeewaardig were collaborating to come up with concepts for the hour registration and agenda of the new PIDZ-app. On Friday, we tested an InVision prototype with 3 freelancers to validate the concepts. Luckily, we got great insights so we could start with the next iteration of the app.

Design Sprint Invision Prototype PIDZ App

InVision prototype

Instead of a big table with all the shifts of a specific month, freelancers now can add/change their hour registration per shift. They'll get an reminder and can subsequently ensure that their hour registration match their worked hours.

Design Sprint PIDZ smartphone app
Design Sprint PIDZ smartphone app
DesignSprint PIDZ App Maarten Somers No Hitch

Step 3

From global app flow chart to wireframes

Now we had lots of insights, I started with a few design iterations on the concepts. First, the complete app flow was made since we already knew which features should be added within the app.

Flow Chart - PIDZ smartphone app

Subsequently, the minimal viable product (MVP) was determined to ensure a good focus in the next iterations. These consisted of creating wireframes which had to be validate with end-users during user test sessions. During this tests, users were asked to follow several scenarios, so they used the prototype as if they were using the app in real life. Finally, all findings of these tests were implemented in the next design iterations.

Wireframe - Dashboard MVP
Wireframe - Agenda MVP
Wireframe - Invite MVP
Wireframe - Department details MVP
Wireframes MVP PIDZ App
Sketch file Wireframes PIDZ APP
Sketch file during wireframe design

Step 4

Visual Design

Next, I had to turn the wireframes into a visual design based on the existing branding of PIDZ. Moreover, I had to collaborate with both the back-end developers of Smiling Gents, as well as, the app developers of Dutch Coding Company, to ensure the app design were delivered as expected.

Sketch file Visual Design PIDZ APP
Sketch file during visual design

The end result

The end result of this app project was the complete design of all screens within the app, that reflected all features of the web application The first version of the new app was launched mid november 2018 and consisted of a few features, since we decided to do a phased launch. Therefore, the development teams are still working on this project.

Finally, to ensure all flows and screens were clear for the development teams I delivered several flowcharts with all screens so they could easily find their way through the app.

App Flowchart - PIDZ app - Urenregistratie Facturatie
Delivered app flowchart for development
Since the development teams are still working on features of the app, the users will find extra updates in the coming months. More information about the app and the release can be found on: