AssistiveWare РFacilitating three customer journey workshops simultaneously.

Three customer journey workshops simultaneously


Customer Journey Workshop




Workshop facilitation


AssistiveWare asked me to join their customer journey day as a facilitator. All employees were devided into 3 groups so they could all focus on a specific persona and create a three fully filled customer journey simultaneously.

The hitch

AssistiveWare has a product (Proloque2Go) which helps children communicate via an iPad app. The main target group of the company is, therefore, parents, since they buy the product for their child. The process of actually using the product is sometimes difficult and includes lots of different emotions since the parents wants the best for their child.

To ensure AssistiveWare also supports the parents in the right way, they wanted to explore which difficulties parents experience when they get in touch with AssistiveWare. Therefore, they developed three personas and organized a customer journey workshop with the whole team.

Customer Journey Workshop AssistiveWare
Customer Journey Workshop Assistive Ware