Fontys Hogeschool – Creating a great guest lecture about Design Thinking in which students got the opportunity to design a completely new way of giving lectures.

Design Thinking guest lecture Fontys Hogeschool


Guest Lecture Design Thinking


Fontys Hogeschool




Giving the lecture
I was asked to give a guest lecture, by teachers of the Fontys minor Graphic Design. for this lecture it was important to provide students with information, which they could directly use for their projects. Therefore, I decided to show them some insights about Design Thinking, not by telling them, but in a workshop during which they could experience what design thinking is.

The lecture

The lecture started with a short introduction about design processes, diverge and converge and subsequently design thinking. Afterwards, they had to do a little energiser to pump up the energy. Now it was time to give them their design challenge: ‘Design your perfect lecture’. I wanted to use this challenge since I had never give a lecture before so I was really curious about the insights of the lecture and moreover, students should be able to find creative ideas since they are the target group themselves. Finally, I gave the students different assignments to guide them through the ideation and prototyping phases. The prototypes were made as storyboards and presented to class mates to validate the concept.

The slides

Like to know more about the guest lecture? Download the slides below.