Insight Deck – Increase the impact of your user research

Insight Deck

At the moment, I’m working on a side project called:
Insight Deck Logo
Insight Deck will be launched as MVP during the summer of 2019 and fills the gap between user research, reports and the actual use of the research results. Insight will help user researchers and UX designers to chop findings into readable, manageable and findable pieces. By guiding users through a few clear steps of defining an insight, they will have enough context so everyone within the company is able to directly use them within their projects.

All ready curious about the possibilities of Insight Deck?

Create & Store

Insight Deck will guide you in processing your research data so it will also be useful for other projects within the company. This is done based on insight cards: small and readable pieces which consist of valuable information.

Find & Collect

All reports, card decks and cards within Insight Deck are searchable. Therefore, you can easily find needed information on the spot. Moreover, you can make your own decks to bundle valuable information for a specific project or target group.

Share & Use

User research insights are only valuable when you can use them easily within your daily work. Therefore, Insight Deck will provide you with all the needed tools to share and use collected research data within your company and projects.