Each hitch is different and therefore need a different design approach.

We love to do...

User Experience Design

No Hitch designs (digital) products and services in a human-first way. Improving usability, ease of use and above all interaction between the user and all facets of your company.

Interaction Design

It’s all about aesthetics, motion, sound and space which results in creating digital products and services that enable users achieving their goal(s) in the best possible way.

Digital Strategy

Turning business strategies into valuable digital strategies is one of my favourite things to do. Transforming business strategy into products and services that your customers love.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Since it is often quite expensive to develop a new (digital) product or service, prototyping comes in as a good solution. Especially, when the product needs to be tested in an early stage.

Concepting and Ideation

Let’s turn strategy and business requirements into feasible ideas and concepts. This is done in several iterations of sketching, prototyping and conducting user tests. Often Design Thinking techniques, as for example Google’s Design Sprint, are used to accelerate innovation within the company.

User Research

Conducting user research is one of the important parts of the design process. It forms the basis of all design decisions. Luckily, user tests are not always difficult or expensive as we wrote in our blog ‘Get rid of your expensive UX lab‘.

Information Architecture

The art of organizing and labelling information in a way users can find information is the best possible way. Information Architecture can consist of restructuring categories of information, reorganising a menu or rethinking the way information is displayed on one particular page.

Our favourite design tools...

Sketch Logo - UX Design
Logo Invision - UX Design Prototyping
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